James Taylor Sings To The French

jamesJohn Kerry had James Taylor sing “You’ve Got A Friend” to the French. I suppose it’s a nice moment but personally I would have preferred Woody & Buzz Lightyear singing “You’ve Got A Friend In Me.” What struck me was what the article said under the video of James Taylor:

That’s Secretary of State John Kerry and his pal James Taylor in Paris, singing America’s condolences for the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Terror experts are unsure how the French will retaliate.

At first I thought they were wondering how the French would retaliate for having to listen to James Taylor. My mind goes places very few other have gone.

1 thought on “James Taylor Sings To The French

  1. Well… that is exactly where a mind would naturally go if they were forced to pay attention in Catholic elementary school..Sister Clementines’ 4 -5th grade English class!!!!

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