Jobs Are The New Brussels Sprouts

It’s been nice having short weeks.  Work three days – get six days off, work two days – get three days off.  I could definitely get use to this.  So does anyone else get up in the morning and think “Oh I don’t want to go to work today” and then hear a little voice (that usually sounds like your mother or grandmother) say “Just be glad you have a job.”  I am glad I have a job and a job at a place that I like.  But truth be known I’d rather be able to stay up late, sleep in, and do whatever I want — who wouldn’t?

I think the “Just be glad you have a job” has become the “There are starving children in Europe who would love to have those __________ [fill in the blank with brussels sprouts, peas, carrots, squirrel meatballs, or whatever]” and it’s being said by the same baby boomers who never understood the reasoning behind why kids in Europe who wanted to eat crap should force me to eat crap.

Perhaps we should say “There are unemployed people in India who would love to have your job outsourced to them.”  Ouch — that’s a little too close to the truth for me.  I better got to work!!

[Today’s picture: I’m not trying to hide my tousled hair — I’m trying to stay warm.  It’s cold outside and inside.  You may not see my hair again until spring (and by then there may be robin nesting in it).]