Just 28 Days To Live

I got this letter the other day. It makes me so mad that they use this shame based, guilt trip, marketing that I wouldn’t give them money even if I had any money to give.

And I get these all the times, mostly pictures of pathetic animals. There was one with a picture of a baby coyote and it said something like “What will he do when his mother is killed by hunters?”

And they know it gets to me, it really does. I read once that you need to find one or two charities to support and concentrate on them. I give to the United Way which I hope covers a lot of charities but I do need to fine a couple that I would focus on. I believe my friend Peter would suggest the Finish Peter’s Basement Fund but I’m thinking of something a little more substantial.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lot of money and you could help a lot of groups? But since I don’t have a lot of money I think it would be better for me to become more selective.

Perhaps I should put my picture on an envelope and send it back to these people. “Just 28 Days To Live Unless You Stop Sending Her Donation Requests.” That would be an interesting letter to send out.