Just A Chillin’ Dog

Have I mentioned that I have a dog?

Yesterday I took Freckles to doggie day care. They have installed new software so the web cam where you can watch your dog during the day is so much better. And there was Freckles, laying on her bed in the middle of the room. Dogs were running by her on all sides, some even hopped up and off the bed in their pursuit of each other and there was Freckles, just laying there chilling and watching the action.

I wonder what she is thinking. I don’t know if she’s just mellow or kind of depressed. I worry about such things. I just don’t know if she’s happy; I wish I could read her mind. I like to think she is simply content. While others around her need to be busy and chasing after each other she is just fine the way she is. Now that I think about it, she’s kind of a Zen dog. Perhaps she was a Buddhist monk in a previous life. Perhaps she was Gandhi — she does have a strange resemblance to Ben Kingsley.

Grasshopper … feed me another Snausage.