Just A Little Sun

Please, just a little sun … I can’t take it much longer.

I swear this has been the longest month ever, but I think January generally is a long, cold, dreary month. January is the only month of the year that I have never driven with the top down on my car. Okay, I did drive with it down when I was living in L.A. but I don’t count that. And I can’t just go around the block and say I drove with the top down. It has to be a legitimate, top down kind of day. I think my friend Terry had the right idea … she went to Hawaii for a week. She’s suppose to come back to work today but she just couldn’t do it, she had to have one more day. She claims she’s putting sand in her basement and she and her dog Kerbi are going to pretend they are at the beach. I love it. Perhaps we should all go over there and join them.
P.S. — Pernell Roberts died. What baby boomer gal (or some guys) didn’t have a complete crush on him as both Adam on Bonanza and as Trapper John on the Trapper John, M.D. show? He just oozed hot! Bye Pernell and thanks for the fantasies.