Just A Thought or Two

Thought 1: Is anyone else totally creeped out by the M&M pretzel commercial. I would never buy them because I have this image of a pretzel being shoved up this guys behind. It even looks like they are wearing rubber gloves. It grosses me out.

Judge for yourself

Thought 2: Who is going to go shopping at Kohl’s at 3 in the morning. I suppose people will drive over there after the bars close. And Target/Sears etc. at 4 in the morning. I really feel for the people who work there. I heard K-Mart is open on Thanksgiving Day. That’s just mean and stupid. I wish people would stay away so they would decide it wasn’t worth it and let their employees stay home on Thanksgiving. And Old Navy opens at midnight. Yes, god knows we can’t wait until 6 in the morning to buy a sweater.

Thought 3: I do want to promote Small Business Saturday. This year try to shop at some of the small, independent businesses in your neighborhood. Don’t pass them by on the way to the mall, you never know what you are missing. My nephew works at a small business, Settergren Hardware, and they are all struggling to compete with the big box stores. This is a good chance to give small business owners a hand.

Thought 4: Oh I’m out of thoughts.