Just Dew It

Yes, today’s blog is brought to you by Mountain Dew — when water isn’t enough grab a Dew.

Well a belated good morning to you.  I slept late (until 9:00), took this lovely photo, and then gathered up Freckles and we headed to the dog park.  I believe anyone who is feeling down should go to a dog park.  You can’t feel bad at a dog park.  You also can’t play a depressing song on a banjo — even if it’s played by an incredibly scary looking guy.  So if you had a banjo player at a dog park it would usurp Disneyland as the happiest place on earth.  I dated a guy who once referred to his nether region as the happiest place on earth.  Believe me it was no Disneyland — more like one of those rides outside of K-Mart and I’m still not sure it would have been worth the quarter.

And speaking of going up and down … the elevator in my building is finally working again.  It has been “modernized” and was out of commission for almost six weeks.  I live on the first floor so it wasn’t too big a hassle, except carrying groceries and a dog up one flight of stairs from the basement garage.  Freckles will go down the stairs, but she won’t go up the stairs — I think it’s too hard with only one back leg.  So it was fun to ride the elevator today.  Unfortunately it has one of those annoying voices — “Basement, going up” — well let’s hope.   So it’s a good day — the sun is shining, it’s not that cold, the elevator is working, and I’m still beautiful.  I think I’ll listen to some banjo music. Da, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.