Just Say No To Mediocre

Just came back from a walk in the park … OMG what a great April morning. And there were dogs everywhere. Freckles was in butt sniffing heaven. And lots of rolling in the grass … her favorite thing. I just have to not think about what she’s rolling in or I would get grossed out.

So I have a consumer tip for you … don’t buy M&M ice cream bars. I like frozen M&Ms so I thought these would have the same hard shell but they don’t. And the colors don’t look like on the box, they look like something that’s been sitting out in the sun too long. And even the ice cream is mediocre. So I tossed away the rest. I am an ice cream junkie and if I don’t like something I’d rather throw it away than waste the calories on mediocre. So my recommendation is don’t bother with the new M&M ice cream bars … my favorite is the Dove dark chocolate ice cream bar. Yum, yum. So delicious, so rich, so creamy … okay I need to be alone now so TTFN (tah, tah, for now).