Just Say No To The Bowl

Everyone who didn’t watch the Super Bowl raise their hand.

I guess for all the hype about the game and the ads and all I just let it pass me by. And I’m not a Madonna fan so seeing her thrusting herself on the 50 yard line did not appeal to me at all. I did go and see the movie “Descendants” and now seeing George Clooney on the 50 yard line thrusting himself …. well that would be a different story all together huh?

Happy Monday … It’s February 6th and I made it through the Crate & Barrel media console sale without spending $600 on a TV console that I so loved but just can’t afford.  I figured if I win the lottery it won’t matter if it is 15% off and I’ll buy it then.  Besides I get to spend $600 on something much more fun — a root canal. Yippee.

I better learn to be happy with the furniture I have because I have a feeling my future will involve spending more on health care than on decorative care. But oy that is a nice console.