Keep The Faith

I’m back. Went to the Twins game yesterday and we lost a heart breaker, at least it was a heart breaker for me. But I still think they will come back strong – if they can all get healthy. I’m going again on Sunday with my friend Sue and her two sons 9 and 6. I haven’t been to a game with kids (well chronologically kids) for a long time so I’m looking forward to enjoying the game through their eyes.

Actually yesterday I was in a suite to watch the game. My employer has a suite and I am the “hostess.” It is nice, very nice, but I still don’t feel like it’s a real baseball game if you are in a suite. I mean there’s a dessert cart for heaven’s sake. A DESSERT CART DOES NOT BELONG AT A BASEBALL GAME. I did find a kindred spirit in Joe, this guy who I figure is in his late 70s who works at the stadium guarding the exit doors which are right by the restrooms. So Joe and I talked about the Twins when they were at the Metropolitan Stadium out in Bloomington. He remembers players I had forgotten so it was a good time talking to him. And he agrees A DESSERT CART DOES NOT BELONG AT A BASEBALL GAME. A smart man that Joe.

When I came home I got off the bus (yes I take the bus to the game) and there were some of our cities sidewalk greeters (aka homeless) hanging out by the corner. There was this one woman who smiled at me with almost no teeth in front and I said “Hi, how are you today?” Well I became there best friend because I saw them. Most people act like they are invisible. So one guy wished me a nice evening and then a Happy Mother’s Day. Another guy said it was too late to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day so he corrected himself and wished me a happy birthday. A nice finish to a nice day.

Next week I’m on vacation so I’m in countdown mode. Yippee …