Lamb in Wolf’s Clothing?

I’ve been following this story about the wolf that the Minnesota Zoo killed and I think they could have handled it better, but I don’t like zoos all that much so I think I’m prejudice. I like the idea of animals being out in the open and if they are endangered then there should be sanctuaries for them to live in, not cages — no matter how natural the cages may look to us. Sometimes I get this image of animals coming to look at people in their cages except the cages look like cubicles and offices and we don’t throw our poop at them — well some of us don’t throw our poop at them. Doesn’t this picture of the ferocious wolf look like a dog out for a walk? Of course if that wolf had gotten away and then attacked a local dog I would be upset too so there is basically no pleasing me — and let’s face it, life is all about pleasing me.

My favorite statement was someone at the zoo who didn’t know that a wolf could get through an opening in a fence and jump a gate — perhaps that person should consider working at Wendy’s. Of course if all the boys and girls in the sandbox we call the Minnesota Legislature don’t stop acting like five year olds and come up with a budget, the zoo will be closed for the summer. For some reason I have a feeling a government shutdown would not affect their pay or benefits. I wonder WWTPD (what would Tim Pawlenty do)? Oh, he’d abandon the state to go on a book tour and test the waters for a run for president.

I think I need to take some Advil and lie down. Have a good weekend.