Later Gator

My nephew, Perry, leaves today for Chile (yes, the place with the BIG earthquake). He went there as an exchange student in college, fell in love with it and returned to work as a teacher after graduation. Then he fell in love with a wonderful woman, and today he is moving there. When I asked if he was planning on coming back he said “Well for a visit.” Chile is sooooooo far away and I will miss him very much. I am his favorite aunt — or at least I always tell him so. From the time he was around five I have teased him about his girlfriend Mildred. He kept insisting he didn’t even know anyone named Mildred but when she kept giving him birthday and Christmas gifts he finally accepted that he had a girlfriend named Mildred.

I am so proud of him. He has an adventurous spirit and is a good person. I look forward to seeing how his life unfolds. Of course I’ve warned him that I am getting a passport and will be coming to see him — and I’m bringing Mildred.
Good luck Perry, take care of yourself.