Less than a week to go

Here’s today’s entry in the Christmas outfits — a stunning vest featuring holly, snowflakes, Santa, a stocking and a Christmas tree. I have two more sweaters I’ve yet to wear and of course there is my set of antlers. Oh you have so much to look forward to this week. You probably won’t be able to sleep in anticipation of seeing the outfit du jour of the day — I saw that once on a menu “Soup du jour of the day.”

Finished my shopping on Saturday and wrapped and mailed my one box of gifts to go on Sunday so if it was 1988 I’d celebrate with a bottle of wine, perhaps a margarita and a beer chaser but since it’s 2011 I celebrated by taking a nap.

I noticed that this year I really didn’t find myself saying “next year I’ll finish shopping earlier” or “next year I’ll send my cards sooner” or “next year blah, blah, blah.” Perhaps its with the end of the world looming over us as the Mayan calendar comes to an end — which I only think means that the Mayans found something better to do than make calendars or they ran out of Mayan swimsuit models to put on the calendars but I digress — where was I? oh yes the end of the world and my lack of “next yearing” — perhaps what is really behind my not thinking about how much better I’ll be next year is that I have a firm grip on the fact that this is probably not going to change unless I fall, hit my head, and wake-up believing I’m Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray or a character in a Hallmark movie.

Speaking of movies, I went to see “Chipwrecked” with my friend Annie who LOVES the chipmunks. If it wasn’t for the fact that I love to spend time with Annie, even in a dark movie theater watching what can only be described as one of the worse movies ever, I’d be petitioning the movie studio for a refund and those 1-1/2 hours of my life back.

If you are in the mood for a new old Christmas song that belongs in the ultra lounge category I heard That Holiday Feeling by Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormet on the radio and had to download it at iTunes. It’s a martini feeling song that may help you forget you ever heard “The Christmas Shoes” or any of those songs of my most despised Christmas song list.

Have a good Monday and get ready for a new ugly Christmas sweater tomorrow.