Let it snow? Let It Snow. LET IT SNOW!

Okay I know that snow is a bummer in many ways. I don’t have to shovel and my car is in a heated garage so I’m in much better shape than many people. But today, with the snow coming down, I realized there are a few good things about snow:

1. I am feeling very Christmasy again. My friend Peter told me I had to decorate this year and I was all “yeah, yeah, yeah” about it, but today I want to take everything out of the closet and start decorating. I have even created a “favorite holiday” playlist on my iTunes so I’ll be ready to go on the day after Thanksgiving — which my friend Sue insists is the proper day to begin listening to Christmas music. I may, however, watch “Elf” tonight. I love that movie (yes, Peter I know you hate that movie).
2. Freckles loves the snow. When we went out this morning she got up on the grass and looked up at me with a look that said “Oh boy it’s back.” I think dogs believe we can make this stuff come and go. When it’s nice she likes me, when it’s not so nice she’s thinking “hey lady, get rid of this stuff.” She ran as fast as she could through the snow and was bouncing all around with glee. Then she came in and went to one of her five beds and curled up in a sweet little ball of contentment. She doesn’t usually sleep like this, she likes to stretch out but today she was in a secure ball.
3. And seeing her so content reminds me that snow gives you a perfect excuse not to go anywhere. It sucks when you are going somewhere and you have to make your way through it, but when you don’t have any plans, a snowy day makes you want to curl up into your own ball of contentment and settle in for a nap.
So if you’ll excuse me, I have some hibernation to do.