Let The Games Begin!!!

What a lot of fun it was to be there at midnight with about 500 teenagers. After the show let out there was this long line of cars parked outside waiting to pick up their kids. Those are nice parents. I can’t imagine my parents would have done that!!!

Okay the movie … two thumbs up. I’ll be interested to hear what people who haven’t read the book thought of it because if you’ve read the book I think it makes more sense. It was kind of like Swiss cheese with a lot of holes that people who read the book were able to fill in  — but there was no way they could have remained totally true to the book without doing a five hour movie. If you read the book I will tell you that everything goes really fast to get you to the games.

I also loved, loved, loved that unlike the book that is written in first person so all you ever read are the thoughts of Katniss — the movie showed things that weren’t in the book such as game central. The special effects were fantastic and Stanley Tucci did a fantastic job as the host/commentator. It was like Larry King on steroids hosting The Price Is Right. I will not be able to watch the summer Olympics without thinking of him. Lenny Kravitz was also very good although I kept thinking “hey that’s Lenny Kravitz.”

Also, the Cornucopia was quite a shock. When reading the book I pictured a gigantic cornucopia like the ones you see at Thanksgiving. This one looks like a miniature Weisman Museum.

Oh and my father-in-law Donald Sutherland was the perfect bastard.

What I found surprising was how seeing faces of real kids put into this horrible situation affected me. At one point, just as the games were about to begin, I felt this knot in my stomach and I actually thought about getting up and leaving — just for a few seconds — but still it was an unexpected feeling.

So it is now 3:24 a.m. and Freckles and I are going to go to bed and try to get to sleep.

P.S. — I wasn’t the oldest person there. A nice lady was there with her granddaughter who reminded me a lot of the girl who played Primrose.