Life Is A Beach – In My Head

Still not feeling great — there is wind or waves rushing like Malibu has moved to my brain — and there are no hot guys there so I’m not at all happy.

Freckles has started with a dog walking service. They come once a day to take her out for a potty break. When I came home last night she was really animated – I think she was trying to tell me what happened. She can’t mime or speak like my friend Sue S’s cats who apparently can say “oatmeal” and do some kind of mime thing too. Nope Freckles just ran around vocalizing (did you know Beagles don’t bark, they vocalize) about the events of the day. I feel much better knowing that some time during the day she will get a break and see someone.

Until last night I had only been eating pretzels and Popsicles for almost three days – oh and chicken noodle soup – and I was so hungry so I thought I’m going to eat some real food. Well, take my word for it, if you haven’t eaten for a while don’t start with a plain cheeseburger. It was not a happy meal at all. I did make a donation to my local food self this morning. It is hell to be hungry even if it is self-imposed. The thought of anyone going without food or eating next to nothing just to keep their head above water is worse than having the surf and winds rushing through your head even if there are hot guys on the beach.