Life Without A Name Tag

erma2I’ve spent the last three days wearing a name tag around my neck. It didn’t just say my name; it said I was part of this wonderful group of people. Mostly women of all ages from all parts of the country and some from other countries. It also said “I don’t have to remember your name because I can just look at your name tag.”

I know there was a Seinfeld episode where one of them suggested that everyone in New York wear a name tag but there is something nice about being in a place where you don’t have to have that awkward moment of not knowing someone’s name but that someone knows your name.

When this happens I have some standard questions “What have you been doing?” hoping when they say someone like “Just working and wondering if you’ll ever turn down your music” you’ll realize it’s the person in the cubicle next to you; or “I lost all my money and pride and am living in my parents’ basement” you’ll realize it’s your ex-husband. You know those embarrassing moments.

So if we won’t all wear name tags perhaps we can agree that when we see someone we know but they have that blank stare of someone who is running through the person rolodex in their head trying to figure out who you are — just let them panic for a few seconds before you tell them your name. If you weren’t their friend before — you will be now.