Look At What I Bought In 2000

Well there it is again!!!!!! I hate this light on my dashboard. I’ve yet to have my engine “checked” when they have found anything wrong. I hear things like it’s the humidity or some vapor is trapped (I should cal Vaporbusters) or Venus is in the 7th house of the moon. But it’s never anything. I think I suffer from Penny (of the Big Bang Theory) syndrome. She even has the same car as me, I think.

I’m taking my car in this morning to have a rattle checked out and they can check my engine too. I hope it’s nothing again. I’m going to get a piece of duct tape to put over the light so I don’t have to see it.

How was your weekend? “Hot enough for you?” “I don’t mind the heat it’s the humidity I can’t stand.” “Well it’ll be winter soon enough so enjoy it.” Just thought I’d give you the standard heat wave comments that you hear in Minnesota.

I’ve spent most the weekend trying to clean my “office” aka junk room here at home. I have found receipts that go back to 2000. Yes, it’s time to toss stuff. I have a number of items that I’m going to take to work and scan just so I have a record of them but I really don’t need a hard copy. I found the top to a clear plastic box but for the life of me I can’t find the box itself. I know it is around here somewhere. I’ll keep you posted because I’m sure you are interested.

Perhaps I’ll find Jimmy Hoffa somewhere in all of this. No, even better, Amelia Earhart or even better than that Glenn Miller. I love Glenn Miller.