Look Out World … Here I Come

I got my passport. I’ve never had a passport before. I’ve never left the country. Boy am I exciting or what?

Well 171 days until I swim with my dolphins and now that I have my passport it’s becoming real. Someone I work with was talking about her trip to Cancun where she “swam” with dolphins. When I asked her about it I found out it was a trapped and trained dolphin — not what I’ve been looking for. Where I’m going the dolphins are free in the ocean and they can chose to hang out with you or not. I would rather not swim with a dolphin than swim with one that’s forced to do so. Yes, it’s the tree hugger in me. And don’t get me started on circus animals — grrrrrrrr.
But having a passport is pretty cool (and pretty expensive for heaven’s sake). So now I can go any where in the world I want to. Finally, I can visit those places I heard about as a kid — China (“Stop digging that hole or you’ll end up in China”), Timbuktu (“Just go to the store and get some milk, it’s not like it’s in Timbuktu”), and my favorite Europe (a place filled with “children who would love to eat those beans”). I believe it’s the AAA’s Inner Child Tour.
P.S. — Sorry this is late Peter.