Look What I Found

My dust pan … I actually found both dust pans and the cord for my cell phone (I didn’t mention that one yesterday but it’s been lost for a few days too). My nano iPod is still MIA as is Jimmy Hoffa but I haven’t lost hope.

Be sure to read the blog below this one … it’s a post from my crazy friend Peter and is a great story. You see a minister, a priest, and a rabbi walk into a bar — oh no that’s a different story. Never mind.

Last night I had a “Lassie” experience with Freckles — you know how Lassie was able to communicate to everyone that Timmy was in trouble or there’s a fire in the barn or the chemical compound for penicillin — which was totally stolen by Alexander Fleming. Freckles came into my office at home and stood looking up at me. This normally means “I want a treat.” So I gave her a Cheerio (she likes Cheerios) but then she ran (as much as an overweight 3-legged dog can run) back into the living room and turned and looked at me. I sensed something was going on — she wanted a bigger treat than a Cheerio, like a Goof Ball (her absolute favorite treat next to a sirloin steak) so I ignored it but she ran back in looked at me and ran back out. So I followed because basically I’m a lemming. She ran over towards the kitchen, back to me, back to the kitchen, back to me so I walked over and she stood by her water bowl — IT WAS EMPTY! She was telling me she wanted some water. What a smart dog. Okay, so there was no life threatening event but it’s a start. Today she tells me she wants some water; tomorrow she tells me the building is on fire and I should save myself, her, and the Goof Balls.

Bravo brave beagle, bravo. (Not a bad alliteration for 7:00 in the morning.)