Looking Good

Went to the eye doctor yesterday for my annual check-up. My grandma and mom both had cataracts and glaucoma so I have my eyes tested every year. I have already had cataracts many years ago but so far no sign of glaucoma and yesterday that trend continued, although my left eye is getting a little more nearsighted.

The best part though, other than the fact that I went to a doctor where I didn’t have to take my clothes off, was this wonderful man that I met in the waiting room. He was drawing a picture and I commented how much I liked it. It turns out he’s a retired professor from the Minneapolis School of Art and Design. He showed me a picture of one of his paintings that was commissioned by a local law firm. It was gorgeous. Then he asked me what I thought it was saying. I was thinking “oh sh*t I’m about to look like an idiot” but I said it made me think of the big bang (the astronomic big bang, not the one in the 70s with this guy from, oh never mind I digress). As I was saying, I said it made me think of the big bang where there is a center and everything expands from there. So he smiled and I was waiting for him to say “No you idiot it represents mans eternal struggle against the machine” but instead he said “You are one of the few you get it right away.” Well I felt so wonderful I wanted to run up and down the hallway saying “I got it, I got it” but the other patients might think it’s some sort of disease that “I got.”
So we had a wonderful long talk about art and jazz and creativity. I wanted to stay and talk forever but I was called in to see the doctor. And I never got his name. But oh what a nice way to spend an afternoon.