Lunch With The Boss

Yesterday I had lunch with Jerry, the attorney I worked for almost 25 years ago. It’s amazing they would hire me with the child labor laws and all but I guess I was mature for a 7-year-old (yeah right). And my friend Nancy who also worked for Jerry came to lunch too. Nancy, by the way, is a half a decade older than me so she was 12 at the time. I won’t mention Jerry’s age because he would hurt me.

Working for Jerry was quite an adventure. I remember when I bought a new car and was telling people about it. It was a Plymouth Sundance. Jerry says “What’s a Sundance?” and I twirled around and shouted “Here comes the sun.” Then one time he was giving me a ride home because I had to work late and we were going by a different route than I was used to. I said “Is this how you always drive home?” and he says “No, usually I sit in the trunk and just hope I get there.” We both learned to be careful how we phrased questions. There were lots of laughs and lots and lots and lots of work.

One time I was sitting in his office with the door closed. He was trying to tell me some things he needed done and people kept knocking on the door and coming in. Finally one attorney just came in without knocking and I said in frustration “Wow it’s a good thing we aren’t having an affair” and Jerry says “I wouldn’t even have time to take my shoes off” the attorney’s face was getting rather red by this time so I added “Oh Jerry, you don’t have to take off your shoes.” I don’t think he ever came in again.

But what really finished him was when I would do my Shirley Temple imitation singing “On the Good Ship Lollipop.” So one day he was after me about something I had done wrong and I went into my Shirley Temple routine “Golly gee Mr. Pederson I’m sorry I mad you cross. I feel so bad.” Well that finished him off — still does.

I have a lot of Jerry stories. We are opposites in most everything, especially political, but we are still friends and he always makes me laugh. Oh and we both love dogs. I’m looking forward to our next lunch.