Mad Magazines

What me bizarre?  Oh I guess that’s bazaar … tomatoes tomahtos.

Yes, I just received my copy of Bazaar.  Another magazine I never ordered.  I have been getting a lot of magazines that I never ordered including Bazaar, Vogue, Simple, Martha Stewart, and InStyle.  I don’t know if this is someone sending them to me as a joke (ha, ha) or if it’s some fluke through the magazine subscription service I’ve used in the past (and I emphasize PAST).  But either way, it is really hard to stop a subscription that you never requested.  You can email them, send a letter, and then just not pay the bills you keep getting but it doesn’t stop them.  I believe magazine subscription departments are the world’s true optimist/fool — they honestly believe if they keep sending me bills along with magazines that eventually I’ll break down and pay the bill (ha, ha).  I contacted the post office and they were no help at all.  Stopping a magazine subscription is like trying to stop Dick Cheney from talking.

On a different note I want to send a “WAY TO GO” to Subway for bringing back swimmer Michael Phelps.  I’m not a gigantic Phelps fan, but I just don’t think he should be shunned for having a picture of him using a bong.  I like my heros to be human.  Welcome back Michael