Mary In The News AGAIN!!!!

Well here I go again:

Saving Rain Water

Mary Hirsch of Battle Creek saves rain water outside her north side home.

An avid gardener, Hirsch has two large plastic barrels fed by downspouts. She uses the water for many of her vegetable and flowering plants.

“I don’t think it saves any money,” she said. “But the water is so much better than the city water from the tap. It’s not saving money but the quality of the water is so much better.”

I’m like Mother Teresa and Martha Stewart combined. I’m Mother Teretha. And speaking of rain water, in case you didn’t know it, it was raining hard at 3:30 this morning. I know because Freckles decided she had to go out. As I stood outside in my pajamas I prayed that no one would see me. She doesn’t do that too often, I can think of two others times plus the one time she wanted to go but didn’t pee — she just wanted to go out and play. Momma wasn’t happy that time.