Mary Meets the Angry Birds

On the first day of December Mother Nature gave to me — snow. But not too much – thank you.

Did I tell you that I now have a Kindle Fire? I won it at my company’s employee recognition event. Pretty nice, huh? Well I’ve discovered Angry Birds and just how much time one can spend/waste trying to knock over some pigs but flinging birds in a slingshot. If you don’t know it’s a lot of time. Just one more game; just one more level; just let me get this one and I’m done — oh yeah. It’s like electronic M&Ms — just one green one; just one blue one; just one yellow one and I’m done — oh yeah.

Isn’t it amazing how easily we (and by “we” I mean “me” but I don’t want to appear selfish so you all get to be as neurotic as I am) can get obsessed with something. I know people who are obsessed with all sorts of things that on the surface would appear harmless — a singer, exercise, gardening, a certain television show that is no longer on the air that featured an incredibly hot man named Keifer, work, sport — but when it’s in the wrong hands/mind it becomes an obsession. And then that obsession becomes a Calvin Klein perfume and that perfume becomes a television ad and that television ad should be on during “24” but that stupid Fox canceled it and ruined my life and then … oh look a shiny object.

Well, happy December.