Mea Gulpa (that’s for beer drinking guilt ridden Catholics)

I have been neglectful in writing in my blog. Sorry for the absence but I have a good excuse … um give me a minute I’ll think of one … oh yes I was busy working on my Academy Award acceptance speech, no wait, I was learning how to speak a new language so I can go overseas and negotiate peace treaties, no wait, I was working on a cure for the heartbreak of psoriasis … okay I was reading The Hunger Game trilogy AND wait for it — working on a website that I’m getting ready to launch.

Am I forgiven … please?

Tomorrow morning I take Freckles to have her stitches taken out. I’ve already removed her cone for good on Friday. Prior to that I would remove it to give her a bath or just to give her a break. On Wednesday I took it off for her bath and set it down on the floor. I looked and she had grabbed it by the corner and was tracking it off to hide it from me. What a little rascal she is.

Have a good week … I’m going to watch the Academy Awards and see if I won.