Milk and Diversity

Is it Friday yet?

My days are all mixed up. Is it Wednesday or Thursday or Thanksgiving? I hope it’s Thanksgiving because I’m craving some stuffing.

Speaking of stuffing … have you seen they are coming out with Triple Double Oreo cookies. It’s nice to see Nabisco is jumping on the health and fitness wagon. If I were a parent and I saw that these were coming out I would be so pissed because you know your kids are going to want to get these. They are 100 calories each compared to 50 for an original Oreo.

But what I love is who are the spokes people for these cookies – four athletes who, well are a triple double stuff Oreo cookie. Venus Williams and Shaq are the chocolate cookie wafers, Apolo Ono is the tan chocolate filling and Eli Manning is the milky white filling. Am I the only person to notice this? It is the diversity cookie. If you eat one you are supporting diversity in America if you don’t eat one you might as well put on your white sheet and go burn a cross you racist bigot.

So to summarize — first off this is Thursday and there are gigantic cookies now that are politically correct. Life is good; thanks Nabisco.