Millard Fillmore, Wall Street Journal, and a Crazy Lady In Minneapolis

Well first off, happy birthday to Millard Fillmore who would have been 210 today.    Our 13th President Fillmore is best known as the only president with four L’s in his name.  So I’m sending a big birthday kiss to the Fillmeister.  Hopefully my boyfriend Jack Bauer won’t be too jealous.

On a different topic, because it’s hard to maintain a long posting about Millard Fillmore, in the building where I work there are flat screen televisions by the elevator bank on the main floor.  You’ve seen them everywhere.  They usually have CNN or MSNBC playing all day long.  Well in my building we get the Wall Street Journal station which amazingly is even more boring than it sounds.  There are no people on the screen only some news blurbs mostly about stocks.  The reason we get the WSJ station is because they paid for the televisions to be installed.  So yesterday while waiting for an elevator, I read that it was Epiphany and that marks the official end of Christmas so apparently you should take down your Christmas tree.  While I have one 4-1/2 foot fake tree with no ornaments that I need to unplug and stick in a box until next year, WSJ reported there is a family out East that has something like 67 Christmas trees all over the house that “they” have to take down.  Only the WSJ would be bold enough to suggest that a family with a house big enough to hold 67 Christmas trees, without being featured on Hoarders, would actually take the trees down themselves.  “They” have people who take down the trees.  I don’t have people and I just can’t seem to get around to taking down my tree.  I’m thinking of leaving it up forever.  I can become that crazy lady in the neighborhood who still has her Christmas tree up in March, April, May, etc.  and when people ask me why I can say something like “I’m not taking down my tree until there is universal health care of all Americans, or a cure of cancer, or radio stations agree to never, ever play ‘The Christmas Shoes’ again.”  Then I would not only be a crazy lady, I’d be a crazy lady with a sound bite.  With any luck I could end up as a blurb on the WSJ channel.