Mom Is Taking A Shower

So I thought I’d write to you today. I’m Freckles, the happiest dog on earth. Oh sure things started out poorly, what with that hunter’s trap and me losing a leg but things have worked out pretty well.

Yesterday I got to spend the whole day at doggie daycare laying in the sun. Of course, other dogs would come up and try to get me to play with them, or move, or roll over or such, but no way. I had my place in the sun and they can just leave me alone.
Here are a few of my favorite things: riding in the car, eating, having my stomach scratched, eating, rolling in the grass, eating, sleeping, begging for food, having my ears scratched, eating, chasing rabbits, waiting for food to fall on the floor, harassing squirrels, drinking water, did I mention eating? Here are a few things that blow: baths, being left alone, having my nails cut, tall dogs whose butts are too high, rain.
Oh, no I hear the water being turned off. I better hurry and get back to my bed. Perhaps I can write another day.