Monday? AGAIN?!?

Good morning and welcome to Monday.  I heard the promise of warm weather this week — maybe in the 50s on Tuesday which of course you know that means it is convertible weather. I was thinking the other day how desperately I need to have a top down day … there’s something about it that clears your head and make you happy and all it costs is a tank of gas (which is getting to be quite expensive) and the willingness to have your hair messed up. And there is nothing as funny as a beagle in a convertible with her ears flying in the breeze.

My favorite story of the weekend is that the New Orleans Saints put out bounties on hurting people on the other team. And their punishment may be a loss of $$$ and drafts. I believe in the real world if you do that it is called assault. Nice to know that the NFL is now nothing more than a bunch of mafia families. Or better yet we have the Jets, if we could rename the Dolphins to the Sharks we could reenact the fight scene from West Side Story. What a bunch of tools.

And speaking of tools — what about that Rush Limbaugh? Truly nothing makes me prouder than knowing that in Rush’s warped mind virtually every woman who has used birth control is a slut. I want to get a t-shirt that says “Another Proud Limbaugh Slut.” There are some people in this world who really have warn out their welcome and it’s time to move on.

Speaking of moving on — I better get to work.