More Lessons Learned

Well vacation is over – back to the salt mines. And I believe this is the first day of autumn, isn’t it. Nope, I just checked and it doesn’t start until Friday. So I’ll let you wear your flip flops for two more days but then I’m going to rip those suckers right off of you and toss them in the river. The sound of those things coming down the hall or the street drive me nuts. Of course if you wore them with a pair of corduroy pants and some jingling bracelets you would have a nice band.

I got almost nothing done that I planned on doing but I did get my driver’s license renewed. When I was waiting my turn this poor woman was not passing her eye test. They kept saying “Do you see a light flashing?” And she’d say no. And they asked her over and over again. I was waiting for them to say “Do you see a light flashing on your left?” and all she’d have to say is yes. Finally she left. I don’t know if they renewed her license or not. I felt sorry for her. I remember when my grandma finally said she couldn’t drive anymore, but at least she made the decision instead of not passing the eye test. So after watching that, when I was called the clerk said it was $24. I gave her $25 and when she said she’d get me change I told her the $1 was so I would pass the eye test. Hey I wasn’t going to take any chances even if it cost me a buck.

So the moral of today’s blog is — flip flops bad; bribes good.