My Dinner With Andre if His Name Was Nancy and He Was A Woman

I had dinner last night with my friend Nancy (in case you can’t figure it out she’s the one on the right). She and I have known each other since 1983 – you do the math because it’s too early in the morning for me to do so – and this picture was taken as a series of pictures I did for the attorney we worked for — Jerry — who was leaving for a month in Florida. I put together a book called “What We’ll Be Doing While You’re Gone.” Why am I fondling her foot? Well to make a long story short one day Nancy was waiting for the bus on the Nicollet Mall when a man came up to her and started to fondle her foot. Now if that’s not bad enough, poor Nancy didn’t have the good sense God gives a gnat because she actually called me up when she got home and told me about it – I believe she was expecting some sort of sympathy. Well from that moment on, and after I told the story to Jerry, she was mercilessly teased about feet by the two of us. One time we even called and left a message for a foot massage clinic to call her about an appointment.  And at Christmas we gave her a red shoe phone — she didn’t want it so I was lucky enough to get it. I wonder what I did with that phone, it was cool. Here is a photo of it:

Pretty stylish huh? Who wouldn’t want to talk on a red “F-me” pump phone? That Nancy never did know a good things when she saw it – with the possible exception of me as a friend.

It was a fun evening — lots of laughs. I think it’s always nice to get together with people you’ve known for so long that you are comfortable enough to spill chow mein on yourself and not worry about it. I guess that’s a definition of friendship that has never been explored properly like “Love is never having to say you’re sorry” from “Love Story” but instead “Friendship is never having to say you’re a mess who shouldn’t be allowed out in public.”

Enjoy Wednesday because if you’re enjoying Tuesday you’re too late and if you’re enjoying Thursday you’re going to be so sorry when you find out it’s only Wednesday.