My Elf Self

This is my new Facebook profile picture. It’s actually from the Walgreen’s ad but I just love her. I’m not sure if it’s just the red hair or the total expression of joy, but when I see her I feel happy. I want to be this little elf.

This morning I did a real number on myself. I went to sit down and write my blog but I had put something on my chair yesterday and so the chair, which is on wheels, slid out from under me and I fell on the hardwood floor — smack. I hit my back and head pretty hard. I can really feel it now in my upper back and shoulders.

When I realized what had happened I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t knock myself out and end up in one of those Christmas movie dreams where you find out that you have made a difference in the world and that if it wasn’t for you everyone would be living in Pottersville and the handsome guy realizes he couldn’t live without you, but no such thing happened. Oh well. I could really use a little Christmas spirit right about now, even if it comes in the form of a hallucination. I’ve put up my decorations and it looks great but I just can’t get into it. I’ve been listening to holiday music but finally had to turn it off. I even watched the Hallmark movie November Christmas but it was so schmaltzy and predictable that I hardly cried at all. Of course it was worth every second to see that hunk Sam Elliott — now he could put a little ho, ho, ho in my stocking.

1 thought on “My Elf Self

  1. sorry to hear about your fall, sounds painful! I am laughing out loud reading your blogs today! I am laid up after breaking my leg and you are making me laugh which I havn't been doing much of. Sam Elliot is a hottie I agree! Thank you Mary!

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