My First Wedding

With all the ads about Father’s Day I got to thinking about my dad. This is one of my favorite pictures of him and me. For one thing you can see the resemblance in our smiles and for another it has a great memory behind it.

It was taken the night I went to my first wedding. I had wanted to see a wedding for a long time so when my Grandpa’s nephew was getting married I was invited to go with him and my Grandma.

I got all dressed up and even had white gloves to match my white patent leather shoes. For weeks before the wedding my mom kept telling me that I had to be quiet at the wedding; that I couldn’t talk at the wedding. Over and over again she told me this. I have no idea why she felt the need to keep telling me this — okay I have a pretty good idea why she was telling me this. I was a little chatterbox.

So the day of wedding I was so excited. We got to the church and while the usher seated my grandma on his arm, my grandpa gave me his arm to hold. I felt like a princess. When the bridesmaids came down the aisle I remember thinking there sure were a lot of brides. Well as the actual bride came down the aisle my grandpa leaned down to say something to me and I said, in a rather loud voice, “Shut up grandpa.” I guess my mom had forgotten to tell him that he couldn’t talk during the wedding. Good thing grandpa had a fantastic sense of humor.