My Gallbladder Will Not Go On

Yes, I feel as bad as I look.  But thankfully I now have heavy duty pain drugs.  At first I only took 1/2 a tablet but that did nothing, then a full tablet — nothing.  Now it’s 2 tablets and I can tolerate it.  Oh, the verdict is that I have to have my gallbladder removed — unfortunately I can’t have it done until next Friday so I have a week of pain to go.

Went out to the Minnesota Zoo today to hand out tickets to a client event for my employer. We were giving tickets to Avatar at an IMAX theater. I didn’t stay.  Have to be honest, even if I had felt the best ever I probably would have left. It’s one of those movies that I never had any interest in. Someone described it as “Dances With Wolves” except the people were blue and had tails. I’m trying to picture Kevin Costner as blue and as for the tail — never mind.  I think I never forgave James Cameron for “Titanic,” a movie that was way too long.  I found myself rooting for the iceberg right around the time when the poor but happy guy helped the rich but unhappy gal find her real self. And then there was that song.  Oh well, no Avatar for me. I took a couple happy pills and hit the couch. My idea of a good afternoon.