My Labs Look Good!

I got the results from my blood test and I’m not pregnant so stop looking for a star in the east and three not-totally-stupid men coming to Minneapolis to see me. In the past couple of years my doctor has called me with the results the next day or so and when I didn’t hear anything I figured 1) everything was fine, 2) she was busy, or 3) I had leukemia and she didn’t want to tell me. That’s how my brain works — there has to be one great big kick in the ass along with everything good.

On another note, after watching months and months (or it seems that way) of the Lobster Fest commercials for Red Lobster I finally broke down and went to have lobster. I haven’t had lobster in years and I love lobster … or at least I thought I did. It was either not very good lobster or my taste has changed. My favorite part of the meal was the rice. $20 for some rice. Oh well live and learn. Hey, maybe it didn’t taste good because of the leukemia — no I think I’m getting confused.