My Last Dog Blog?????

Sorry I haven’t been writing lately. I’ve been so overwhelmed by losing Freckles it seems like that is all I think about and I have a feeling you are tried of hearing about her. So this is my last post about her … I think (never say never or something like that).

Last Saturday I went and picked up her ashes at the vet’s office. While it was difficult I have to admit it felt good to bring her back home. I also had a paw print made which was with the ashes. Unfortunately I didn’t realize it had to be baked and you all know how good I am with home economics. I’m afraid it may end up along side the other disasters I’ve had in the kitchen. Perhaps I can hire someone to bake it for me.

Besides the paw print they gave me a certificate. It has gold around the edges — you know the ones that they give you when you really haven’t done anything but they want to pretend you have. I get those all the time from nonprofits in the hopes the certificate will urge me to give money. Well anyways this is a certificate of cremation. What the hell am I suppose to do with that? I suppose it’s to assure me that these ashes belong to Freckles and not a raccoon that they found on the side of the road but this fancy certificate seemed a little off the wall. It’s as if I’m suppose to frame it and hang it up next to my certificate for supporting Easter seals. I think I’ll pass.

So Freckles is back home, I have a paw to bake, and a certificate to, well, toss out. I’m a very busy girl.

1 thought on “My Last Dog Blog?????

  1. You don't have to stop writing about Freckles!! I should have told you, but because of you and Freckles I have adoption papers in for a 3 yr old Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog. It's with ARF, and they think they run the world, so I'm sure I won't be seen as a fit parent. Anyway, I thought about Eddie, who is 7 1/2, and decided I don't want to be left without a dog when he dies… I would rather have another one who is already a part of the family. So thank you for writing about Freckles, her illness, and her death. She has made a difference in my life!

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