My Mind Has Gone A Wanderin’

Here is my new watch — my nephew Brett gave this to me on Christmas; well actually he gave me a picture of it because it hadn’t arrive yet but delivered it to me last weekend. I’ve decided Miss Piggy is a great role model — she’s sassy, loves herself, and she’s got a hot guy who has his own pad. (Get it, Kermit is a frog and he’s got his own pad woka woka — perhaps I’m more Fozzy Bear than Miss Piggy).

Last night I spent two hours — let me repeat that — two hours playing Angry Birds. Damn you inventors of Angry Birds!!!!! It is like animated crack — you just can’t get off the pipe man! Oh just get past this level and I’m done but then there’s another level and another level and you are promised a golden egg. There used to be a place in the Twin Cities where if you bought a pair of shoes you got a plastic egg with a prize inside — I can’t remember where it was but my mom wouldn’t take me there no matter how much I begged — and believe me I could beg for hours and days and weeks. I think today’s parents could learn a lot from her — PLEASE TAKE ME TO McDONALD’S SO I CAN GET A HAPPY MEAL AND CHEAP PLASTIC TOY. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ. She wouldn’t have fallen for that one either. I’m thinking it was Buster Brown shoes but maybe not.

Apparently my mind is wandering all over the place this morning. It was wandering last night too. At Christmas they have one of my favorite ice creams. It’s mint with little pieces of red and green mints. So last night I got a scoop (okay perhaps 2 scoops) and put the ice cream back. Unfortunately I put it back in the cupboard and this morning found a container of liquid with red and green specks floating in it. Oh well, I didn’t need anymore ice cream.

So what was I saying about Einstein’s theory of relativity? Oh yeah, I got a new watch — have you seen it yet?

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  1. Mary ~ that was Red Goose shoes that gave the golden egg. I never got one either but I would walk by the store front window (window shopping) as a child and wish and beg, like you! ~Julia Mouw Petersen

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