My New Best Friends

A few weeks ago I talked about how much I love Zappos, and the great shoes I got from there. Well a couple of days ago I received a book in the mail from Zappos. It is their 2009 Culture Book. In it, every employee has a chance to write about themselves. Some write about working at Zappos, some give recipes, some write about their families — there is no rule. It’s like a yearbook for the company. I want to work there except they are in Nevada and I am, well, in Minnesota. I have a fear that if I lived in Nevada I would end up wearing show girl outfits with gigantic feathers in my hair and singing “Copacabana.” Doesn’t sound so bad now that I see it in writing.

But the best thing about the book is that I’ll bet at least 50 people signed the book and thanked me for saying I love Zappos and telling me they love my blog, etc. I feel like I belong to a new club — Club Z.
Now, of course, working in marketing I know this is part of a ploy to keep me coming back. AND IT WORKS. Actually I’ll keep going back because I like the products they offer and they have great customer service, but now I’m also going back because these are my new friends — Zermon, Jessica R, Emily (who has a great signature), Marina, Grace, etc. etc.
So here’s what I would write in the book for all of those Zappo folks: “Sure was fun being in homeroom with you. Have a great summer. See you in the fall. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” And of course:
2 Good
2 Be
4 Gotten