My New Niece (In Law)

Perry and Camila got married yesterday in Santiago, Chile. Here is a picture my niece Britta sent via her iphone. I’m hoping for better pictures soon.

I’ve started my week of vacation with a fun evening of games with my friend Peter, Sue and Sue. Have you ever laughed so hard you think you will never be able to breath again? Well that’s the kind of fun I had on Saturday. I even laughed so hard I tooted and unfortunately Freckles wasn’t in the room so I couldn’t blame her.
Then Sunday night I had a turkey dinner at my sparents. My friend Lori was here visiting. It was a lot of fun too.
But when I got home last night I had one of the worse scares of my life. Freckles and I were in the elevator when we got to our floor, Freckles got out of the elevator and I was picking up my grocery bags when the door closed and Freckles was on her leash and I had the other end. Then the elevator started going up and I tried to rip the leash off the handle (it was a retractable leash) but I couldn’t get it to budge. The elevator went up to the 4th floor before I could get it to go back down. I had this image of poor Freckles hanging and choking and I was hysterical. Fortunately the leash pulled the collar off her head (she’s done that herself when we’ve been at the park) and she was just scared when the door opened. But boy did she get a lot of love and treats last night and I think my blood pressure finally went back to normal sometime around 3 this morning.
So it’s vacation time. Yippee.