New Bed; New Hair

This is me with a new hair cut and a good night’s sleep (except when Peter decided to call me at 7 in the morning to tell me he wrote something on my Facebook page — I will kill him later today and not a jury in the world will convict me).

So I raised my head, then my feet, then my head and feet and how did I end up sleeping — flat. Oh well. It was fun to read in bed sitting up like that. Freckles freaked out a little when the bed kept moving but being the trooper that she is she went right back to sleep. Oh and I went from a full to a queen so I actually didn’t have to cling to the side of the bed because Freckles has taken up the rest of the space.
I’m going to a bridal shower today. My friend Geri’s daughter is getting married in August. The wedding is in California and I’m going to go out there. It’s a vineyard so it should be really pretty. I’m hoping I can stomp on the grapes like Lucy Ricardo. Maybe when they aren’t looking.
Have a good Saturday — looks like it may be a rainy day so don’t forget your protection :o)