New Look?!?

Hey, I like it.

So we had a meeting at work yesterday about our health benefits. The premiums are going up and the benefits are going down and our salaries are staying the same. Oh well.
You know what really irks me? It’s those idiots in Washington who can’t stop arguing long enough to do what is right and fix this health care mess, people who talk on their cell phones while driving, and why ads for prostate medicines keep saying that women shouldn’t take it. Why would we have to be told that? Why don’t birth control pill ads tell men they shouldn’t take them? Have we become so stupid that we would take the wrong pills or go on television and lose our dignity just to compete for a husband or wife? Oh, never mind.
And in other stupid news, Lindsay Lohan is suing E*Trade saying that the baby girl in the commercial is suppose to be her because her name is Lindsay (along with hundreds of thousands of other females). Well if she wins I’m going to sue the Catholic Church for naming their virgin Mary.