New Show Worth Checking Out

Last night, by sheer accident, I started watching a new British comedy on Channel 2 and I am still laughing. It is called Miranda and it is hysterical. I’m not a big fan of British comedy because half the time I don’t understand what they are saying but since I discovered my subtitle button I am loving them. Miranda reminds me of my friend Amanda — although they don’t look even the slightest big alike — but I can imagine her in the same situations. I recommend you try it. You can record it at 4 in the morning and watch it when you get a chance. Once the Daily Show comes back with new shows again that’s what I’ll be doing.

At work I have the project from hell. It is learning a whole new program and then making a presentation using the program and if I had nothing else to do it would be fine, but I have lots of other things to do — I mean there’s gossiping, napping, running to the store, talking, checking my Facebook, surfing the internet — how am I suppose to fit this into my day????? 

On the Freckles front, she seems to be doing fine. She won’t eat her dog food — can you blame her — but she does enjoy rice and hamburger so rice and hamburger it is. I’m hoping for some warm, dry, sunny days this weekend so we can spend a lot of time at the park rolling in the grass — this time maybe both of us will roll. I may sell tickets.

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