Night At The Salon

Last night I was at the “salon” getting my hair cut, well waiting to get my hair cut — excuse me I was at a “salon” so I was waiting to get my hair styled — and there is a set of double doors at the entrance. One door had a sign with an arrow pointing to the other door – the sign said “PLEASE USE OTHER DOOR” and I watched as four women, in a row, tried the wrong door before following the arrow. Then each one of them, after checking in, sat down and pulled out their “smart” phones. Oh the irony. And yes – 3 “blondes” and a brunette.

After my styling when I went to pay I discovered the cost had gone up $10 — 25%. My salary hasn’t gone up 25%, has yours? You would think for that extra $10 they could have both doors working! So instead of getting my hair cut every 8 weeks – it will have to last 10 weeks – 25% longer.