No Mom, I Don’t Want To Back To School

Well vacation is almost over … darn. Let’s see what was I going to accomplish — oh well.

There was “BREAKING NEWS” on Channel 4 — you know what you think of when they say that — disaster, death, devastation but no the “BREAKING NEWS” is that Brett Favre’s football career is over, he won’t be playing today. Well I’ll believe it when I turn 57 on Aug 8 2011 and he hasn’t come back like he has the last two birthdays. I wanted a toaster over, not a quarterback.

My goal for today is to find the Target receipt from Friday — what could I have done with it in such a short period of time? I should start taping these things to my forehead. I know it’s in here some place. Wish me luck as I enter the great abyss I call my home.