Nose In My Text Book

If you ever are sitting around and thinking what can I read that will put me right to sleep — I would suggest HTML, XHTML & CSS. I have read 7 chapters and I’m not sure I know much more than when I picked it up.

I’m glad I’m taking a class because it is hard to learn computer programs from books, although I have learned a lot of programs just by trial and error, mainly error. Thank god for the UNDO button. I wish life had an UNDO button we could use. There are a number of things I would undo.
Of course sometimes when I think about the things I would do over I think about the people I never would have met if I hadn’t done what ever. You know, I think if I hadn’t moved to California I would have saved all that money, but I may have stayed in the same job and never met some of my favorite people.
And I might never have gotten my current job and I wouldn’t be taking a class that let’s me read HTML, XHTML & CSS — I guess it’s the circle of get-a-life.
By the way, on the funk meter, Monday was a good day. I had the day off so I worked on my homework and I took Freckles to have her nails cut (I still think I should get a 25% discount since she only has 3 legs), and went to LeeAnn Chin and ate sweet and sour chicken. It doesn’t get a lot better than that does it?