Not Sure What This Means

charlie-brown-rockI am puzzled by a plaque I saw  in a gift shop — you know the cute ones with clever or sweet saying like “Cabin Sweet Cabin” or “Bless This House” or “Don’t Talk To Me Until I’ve Had My Coffee.” It said:

There Are Good Friends

There Are Best Friends

Then There Is You

What the hell does that mean? I imagine it is suppose to be a compliment like you are more than a good friend and greater than a best friend but my first thought was it could mean as a friend you really suck. It has a Charlie Brown feel to it for me:

There is Good Halloween Candy

There is Great Halloween Candy

Then There Is A Rock


2 thoughts on “Not Sure What This Means

    • Sweet Polly Purebread … only superior minds will know who that is, others will think it is something you can get deep fried at the State Fair.

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