Nothing To Bat A Lash At (If you had any lashes)

 Perhaps someone can explain to me why we have discovered a “cure” for short eyelashes but people are wandering around with cancer, diabetes, or hundreds of other chronic diseases. What kind of company thinks of this crap? Well when I looked up Latisse, I discovered its the same people who brought us Botox, Juviderm, and breast implants.

I understand and appreciate the breast implants for women who are having breast reconstruction after a masectomy. (For crying in the beer why doesn’t Google recognize the word “masectomy”? Oh, perhaps its because it is actually spelled mastectomy — never mind.) But I have to wonder why a group of scientists who have the education and skills to perhaps discover a drug that fights a devastating disease are asked to work on cures of short lashes and wrinkles. Oh, I know, I know the answer — MONEY!!! Yes, they can play on the insecurities of women (and men) who are getting older and tell them they will be happier if they have fewer wrinkles and more lashes.

The same company, Allergan, has products that really help people especially with eye problems like glaucoma. So why waste your time on eye lashes? Okay, perhaps I’m just annoyed with the commercials and don’t understand the pain of short lashes — well actually I understand short lashes, but not the pain. I don’t care. I have never found myself thinking —  “Man, I wish I had longer lashes,””If I only had better eyelashes I never would have been laid-off,” or “Longer eyelashes would really help me with this project I’m working on.”

So now I’m off to work where despite my short lashes I hope to do an adequate job. Now, if I only had breast implants …