Now I know

why god or the universe or whatever you call it made it so women couldn’t have children after a certain age. They are exhausting.

My new best friend Cameron, who is three (and a half) is keeping me going this weekend. We watched part of Happy Feet and I haven’t been grilled that much since the 70s. Why is he dancing? Why is he sad? Where is he going? Why is it snowing? The last question is one I’ve been known to ask many times during the winter months.
Yesterday he asked me if I had a bathtub for him. He was very concerned. Thankfully I had a bathtub for him complete with rubber ducks to keep him company.
It really is nice to have people around although I have to admit it’ll be nice to get back to a routine.
Freckles is the one who is really going to be happy to be alone again. She is very good with Cameron but he wants to keep her busy too. This morning he decided to build a house around her with all the cushions from the couch. Freckles looked up at me with these eyes that were screaming “help me, please help me.” There were times that I felt the same way.