Numbers Are Making Me Crazy

My friend Peter is going to Chicago to run in a marathon. One of the reasons he is going is so he can get a t-shirt that says 10-10-10. I was telling this to a friend the other night and said “I can’t wait for 2013 because then we won’t hear it’s 1-1-1 or 9-9-9 or the dreaded 6-6-6 anymore,” and she said “Well what about 11-12-13.” And she’s right. So I’m thinking 2015 but wait 5-10-15. 2016 – no 2-8-16 (2×8=16) oh the madness. It will never end. I’m pretty sure I won’t be around to see 1-2-34 or by then I’ll be 80 and I won’t give a sh*t.

P.S. — Come on Twins beat those Yankees. I hate the Yankees.

1 thought on “Numbers Are Making Me Crazy

  1. It is scary to me how much our brains think alike… or DON'T think alike! I must make it a practice to read you everyday, no more excuses.

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